Finding Gobi – 3 Book Deal!


Aaaaaaaaand the good news continues to come with our pals Gobi, Dion and Lucja! 😀
It has certainly been a journey of sorts for this family and it continues with some fantastic developments for the gang…
I came across the breaking news from Lucja’s Facebook post, along with Dion’s Twitter and Gobi’s own Facebook page:

“Today Harper Collins announced a 3 book deal titled ‘Finding Gobi’. So proud of Dion for bringing this story to fruition. He has a heart of gold ❤️To some it may seem like the fairytale story but if you could see behind the scenes to the heartbreak, pain, stress and dealing with global press pressures that he has had to go through from searching and finding Gobi; to us now living half a world apart for four months, it makes this announcement mean so much more to us both.

Some people involved from the start we trusted have been manipulating, lying and deceiving him; going behind his back to make money out of the story which is disappointing and saddening especially while Dion is staying in Beijing and has given up his paid job that he loves and put his heart and soul, and mine as well, into bringing Gobi home for good which has always been the only and ultimate goal.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting read and we can’t wait to share it with you in June 2017.”
Click here for Official News Feature:
Photo –

I’ve had the privilege of supporting these guys in their pursuit of ‘Bringing Gobi Home’, as well as ‘Finding Gobi’ and now simply caring for the bonnie wee lass in these final stages of rehab and quarantine.
The recent news only helps confirm the fact that although there are people / organisations out there that may try to take advantage of others misfortune for their own personal gain and profit, that there are more adventure seeking, fun loving, weekend warrior, dog loving supporters out there to keep spirits high, when times have been tough and extremely stressful.
I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am and are already looking forward to the universal launch of the book “Finding Gobi”, where we can all enjoy it in time for our annual poolside read! 🙂




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