Man’s Best Friend!

As some of you may have guessed, this year has been a quiet one for me and my adventurous antics.  This is mainly due to some hard painful personal times with Eil and myself, as well as having our world turned upside down with the loss of our girl Turry.

Those of you who know me, will know that Turry was my trail running partner in crime and we pretty much shared every daft antic together! 😜🐶

Turry Balls 2b

It was great to see that even through the last 11 months of her time with us, where she battled with cancer and coped with the loss of a front leg, her spirit was never dampened at all. She still hungered for adventure on the trails at every given opportunity.

Turry seemed to have a relaxed ease about her that saw her making many lifelong friends and in doing so, adding more friendship and richness to our lives since she’s past. From close friendships on our street where we live, to amazing relationships with others she clearly held dear, such as our local vet practice Ashbank Veterinary Practice. Here, in Turry’s passing a small but loving memory is shared and celebrated following a renovation of the practice’s reception area. Emily, Robert and the rest of the Ashbank family ‘Thank you!

So, without spending too much of your time on our loss, I wanted to celebrate and share some of our memories and adventures in the photo montage below as well as feature two awesome adventure stories, where kindred souls have met on the trails.

In memory of my girl Turry, who’ll always be running by my side.

Time to hit the trails and celebrate once more…

Turry FB_06_FINAL_SmallWeb


At times it is said that “you don’t choose your dog, it chooses you”. The two stories below illustrate this like no other…

‘Arthur – The dog that crossed a jungle to find a home’ by Mikael Lindnord.

I’ve been aware of this story since it went viral online but had the joy in reading Mikael Lindnord’s book during my summer break. It’s an amazing story, where a stray dog (Arthur) and a professional adventure racer (Mikael), create an unbreakable bond in one of the world’s harshest jungle environments whilst during an extreme sports race – all because of a single meatball!

Having been shown some basic and simple compassion for a scruffy mongrel, halfway through their 430 mile race, Mikael and his Swedish team mates ended up adopting Arthur for the remainder of their gruelling challenge.

Arthur joined the team in huge hikes, mountain climbs and energy-sapping mud treks as the arduous trail took the group through the Andes, the Pacific and the Amazon rainforest.  He also took part in a 36 mile kayak ride – even after the group had tried to set off without him. Instead, Arthur dove into the water and started frantically paddling, forcing Lindnord to drag him into the boat,

Arthur’s loyalty and determination to follow his new found friends along their dangerous 430-mile adventure race through the Ecuadorian rainforest won over the hearts of a nation, and also made him an international hero.

The unforseen bond and story that unfolds between these two kindred spirits, meeting in the depths of the jungle to where they both are today as ‘family’ is both inspiring and heartwarming – and full of adventure!

If there’s one book you ‘must’ read this summer, this is one!



Little ‘Gobi’ and the 4 Deserts March.

I was following with great interest, a running pal of mine (Dion Leonard) that had entered the stunning 4 Deserts Gobi March, a 7 day, 250km footrace. It wasn’t long until many other online supporters, including myself, were also captivated in the relationship that had developed between some of the front leading runners and a small stray dog called ‘Gobi’ (also known as Tito) the Race Dog.

Gobi, a stray, joined in with the event and subsequently followed the top competitors along the route each day from start to finish each day until the medical team withdrew him from the race due to exhaustion.

Gobi ran the first 3 stages at Dion’s heels, slept with him in the evenings, never leaving his side. It was too hot during stage 4 and 5 for her to join Dion but did run the 6th and last stage and she loved it!

Becoming somewhat of a mascot, Gobi exemplified the fighting spirit of the race. Now that the event is done, Dion, finishing second overall – is now in the process of adopting the four-legged friend to live with him back in the United Kingdom. #BringGobiHome

A ‘bobbydazzler’ end to an amazing adventure for two kindred spirits! 😀


Both can be seen running together in the video clip below:

2 responses to “Man’s Best Friend!

  1. Wonderful! I just met Arthur in person…yesterday, and as a great fan of his and Mikaels, I wrote a post on WP. Then I found your wonderful post as well, borrowed it and posted the link on my blog. Hope that is OK with you – as we both love him!

    • You’re very welcome Leya. With so much other sad and negative stories in the recent news of the world, it’s great when we get to share some of the more beautiful sides of humanity. 😊 thanks!

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