Cairngorm fastpacking with Spiderman! ;)

©©’s been a long time coming, from all of my earlier posts about suiting up and preparing for some fastpacking trail running adventures but I finally managed to get out and take the opportunity. I was fortunate to have been invited to join ultra trail running legends Donnie and Rachael Campbell along with outdoor photographer extraordinaire Colin Henderson – Colin Henderson . Our plan was to arrive Friday evening at the Cairngorm Ski Centre and head out from there to make camp by Loch Avon (Loch A’an). The following morning we’d explore the trails and have Colin capture the moments – along with some of my own 🙂 Oh, and we met Spidey for lunch too! 😉

Having already read Phoebe Smith’s awesome book ‘Wilderness Weekends‘, I had bookmarked the infamous Cairngorm Shelter Stone for sometime and now I had the perfect opportunity to visit it during Scotland’s early Autumnal splendour!

Camp was very quickly set up, within 5 minutes my bag was off my back and my bivvy up and ready for the night. It was a little chilly but still a mild night for Scotland and the Cairngorms. I woke a couple of times with a slight chill but this would be due to my one season sleeping bag that I borrowed from my wife – next on the Xmas list! 😉 Morning breakfast hit the spot for ease, speed and warmth in my belly, thanks to my birthday treat of a JetBoil Zip.

The sunrise was well worth the late night trek in and early 05:30am kick off for some sunrise photos and the rest of the day’s trails…
A fantastic day out was enjoyed by all and as you’ll see, Colin had predicted an awesome forecast for some #Amazing photos! 😉 #thwip

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