West Highland Way Dreaming…

Sleeping_Slides_09 With a week to go, before the biggie, we’ve all been posting like crazy on the WHW Facebook group, mainly focusing on the disruption of sleep in some manner or another – below is a short video, illustrating how I’ve been spending my last few nights during this taper phase. ENJOY! 😉 P.S. Thanks goes to the guys below, for their support throughout the past few years and getting me to my THIRD consecutive West Highland Way Race! Donnie Campbell – Get Active Running Colin McPhail – Footworks Josh Sprague – Orange Mud – oh, and not forgetting my long and suffering wife Eilidh and pup Turry. After all, they’ve had their fair share of seeing me during my ‘dynamic lycra stretches!’ 😉


Anyone that wishes to support CHAS can feel free to donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/theultraamazingspiderman/  Thank you in advance! #thwip

Now I’m beginning to realise why the animators of my childhood, never bothered to draw all of Spidey’s webbing in those cartoons. It annoyed me as a kid but not as much as it does trying to do it myself…! #respect



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