The future’s bright – The future’s Orange Mud!

Orange Mud Ambassador - My future's bright, my futiue's Orange Mud

It’s with great honour and a right ‘bobbydazzler’ privilege that I’m able to announce that I have been welcomed on board, as an ambassador, within the ‘Orange Mud’ team! 😀

Orange Mud Ambassador

Following in the muddy footsteps of my crazy but inspirational Facebook buddy Stephanie Huffman-Chivis, I now find myself amongst legends all blessed with an athletic prowess and ‘sun kissed’…
…erm orange!  “So let’s bring on the lanky, pale skinned Scot to entertain us!” 😉

Obviously a huge thanks goes to Josh Sprague CEO of Orange Mud and his team, for welcoming me on board and giving me the opportunity to represent the brand and help spread the absolute joy of Orange Mud products.

Those of you that know me by now, will know that I have been an advocate of the Orange Mud products for close to a year now. Having previously spent many a year on trails, along with my pennies buying and testing various packs, for trail runs that went from fun run 10kms to my mighty ultras. I came across the ‘HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2’ and instantly found the infamous ‘sweet spot’ and never looked back. Obviously what followed has been a journey on the trails of fun and frolics, as well as bleeding onto t’internet, in various formats of fun run photos, race blogs, cartoons, videos and animations. There’s nothing much more to say here than introduce you to the brand, as well as highlight some of my earlier ‘Orange Adventures’ and look forward to a ‘bright future’ ahead…! 😉

Please feel free to check out the website if at all intrigued:

The links below are from my previous product review on the HydraQuiver VP2 and accessory bag, as well as a short and ‘entertaining’ video! 😉

From H2O to Hero…!

Enjoy! 😀

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