WHW Race Support Crew Goodies!

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Another year on and it’s that time again, to put some of my skills into creating my support crew’s well deserved goodie bag treats! 🙂

I’m fortunate enough to have the same crew I had as last year but this time with them not only being more experienced in the ways of ‘crewing’ but also now having two buddies that are epic ultra trail runners within their own right! Yup, that’s right, James Alexander and Ross Leslie are now well seasoned ultra runners and are both just off the back of celebrating running and completing in this year’s Hoka Highland Fling Race – 53 epic miles of the southern half of the West Highland Way. These two guys will now enjoy playing ‘tag team’ as they run/support me on the last half of the race, and keep me ‘entertained’… This coupled with the support of my wife Eilidh, as she drives the van, prepares all my food and running gear, for each check point, I could be in no better position to attempt this year’s West Highland Way Race.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my trusty crew! 🙂
WHW_2015_Logo 2014_OutlinesThis year’s t-shirts:

Other fantastic news for this year, is that I have been honoured with the opportunity to have some of my artwork affiliated with the WHW Race 2015, thanks to the support of the race committee! This year could not have gotten any better for me, with regards to how welcome and encouraged I have felt, with my attempt in running this year as the ‘Ultra Amazing Spider-Man’.
I have been fortunate enough in being allowed to sell some affiliated products, to help raise funds for my charity target of £2,000. These have been melamine coaster sets – the perfect accompaniment to any acclaimed WHW Race Goblet! 😉

upload 04

upload 01 upload 02 upload 03
upload 05
upload 06None of the above would have been possible without the support of my bosses Ian and Jackie Scott, from Customworks. They have very kindly allowed me to produce and sell these melamine coaster sets, to help raise significant funds for my CHAS charity target – Children’s Hospice Association Scotland.
A very special thanks goes to them for their generosity and huge support! 🙂

Here’s some shots of the coasters in production…


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