Spidey meets Sean Conway on the West Highland Way!


Ok, so here’s yet another blog that isn’t quite your ‘normal’ but what else would you expect from me by now…!?! 😉

This weekend happened to be our Easter break, so myself, Eil and the pup (Turry) took to the roads in our campervan and headed to Tyndrum for a weekend on the West Highland Way route and some training runs, in the Spidey suit! 😀
I had arranged to meet up with my bud Jimbo, along with a few other ultra buddies and enjoy the day’s adventures and general catch up. Today also ended up being a ‘bobbydazzle’ as there was a chance that we’d bump into Sean Conway – Adventurer Extraordinaire!!!!


Sean is embarking on an extraordinary attempt to run the entire length of Great Britain, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, totally unsupported!  If he manages to complete this herculean task, begun in 2008, he will set a new record in British ultra-sports, becoming the first person to have swum, cycled and run the length of Britain, in the Ultimate British Triathlon.

The nation can keep up with Sean’s run and send him messages of support using #runwithsean, as well as having the opportunity to participate by ’running a mile or more’ with Sean at selected parts of his epic journey.



Please also bare in mind that my training and WHW Race is to help raise awareness, as well as funds for CHAS!


Thanks in advance, for any pennies that you can spare! 🙂
#thwip 😉


2 responses to “Spidey meets Sean Conway on the West Highland Way!

  1. Great photos Ross. Outfit is looking fantastic.

    Just a darn shame that Spidey can’t grow a beard to reveal the true adventurer. Let’s face you got owned in that department when you met up with Sean :-D=~

    • Cheers buddy! Sadly I run with the fresh face of a baby 😦 no ultra beard is ever gonna make it to my nappe, I’m afraid. Still, this does mean that I can act like an ‘arachnid’ teenager for a while longer at least! 😉😜😝
      Back out on same trails today… Beautiful day today!!!!

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