This is where I heal my hurts!


In the words of the ‘Faithless’ – “This is my church – this is where I heal my hurts…”
Boy what a weekend! Nothing refreshes the spirit more than some quality time out on the trails. My intentions, this weekend, were to test out a few bits of my ‘fastpacking’ kit, the bag, weight and of course enjoy a #MicroBrew! 😉
Saturday saw the whole day in thick, low cloud cover, so my plan to run across the Ochil Hills changed slightly, as I decided to head off over some unexplored lower trails. I was aiming at running for around four hours or so – run two, stop for a caffeine injection 😉 and then carry on for another couple of hours. I ended up taking a whole new route, that I had never explored before, from just following my nose – along with some advice, from a local dog walker.

Sunday, saw me out with my buddy Jimbo, this time with us looking at tackling some of the hills of the Ochil’s for a few reps here and there. Getting up early paid off, for this morning’s trail run – WHAT A DAY! All this and still back in time for a grand Sunday lunch! 🙂

I’ll simply let the photos do the talking here…

P.S. Some have been asking about my current weight for my pack, that I’m running with here, it was 5.1Kg. This did not include two full water bottles, additional layers for sleeping and food for dinner and breakfast, for when I actually head out for a night or two. My bag was fairly well packed, so again, I may need to consider a slightly larger pack, perhaps the Osprey Kestrel 28, or even slightly bigger. The only ‘trap’ that I don’t want to fall into, would be to acquire a larger bag and then fill it according to volume and end up not running as light as I’d like. Still some homework to be done here… 🙂


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