Compact Fire Making Kits

This week has been a great week for focusing and developing my gear for this year’s ‘fastpacking’ adventures and have managed to get my hands on the essentials: –

This week though, I was surprised to find that a good buddy of mine, Stevie – who also happens to be an outdoor instructor, left me a small gift at my backdoor…
We’re both a ‘tad’ nerdy, I guess, when it comes to some of our outdoor passions and enjoy nothing more than discussing the finer details in outdoor gear when we get together. 🙂 So, here it was, having just enjoyed reading and commenting on his latest blog, “Fire Making Kits”, Stevie had left me one for my own pack! Cheers mucker!!!!! 😀

So without further a do, I’ll rip off his blog and take credit for informing you all…! 😉

There are many different DIY Fire Making Kits out there and the most common are those in Altoids tins as below however, any similar type of tin can be used and are all around the same price when buying with mints in them as is their original intention.

Altoids Mints £1.25

Photo 20150209212924332

Marks n Spencer’s Mints £1.25

Photo 20150209212924541

Rizla tin & lighter £1 @ Pound Store

Photo 20150209212924727

There are many different variations with and this one is mine

Fire Making Altoids Tin (packed)

Photo 20150209212924872

Altoids Tin (unpacked)

Photo 20150209212925276

Two main sources of ignition
  1. Fire Steel
  2. Bic Lighter ( better to get one that is see through)

Photo 20150209212925454

Water proof Matches (back up)

Photo 20150209212925691

Four types of fuel:

Ezbit solid fuel tablet

Photo 20150209212925898

Maya Dust

Photo 20150209212926308

Pine Dust

Photo 20150209212926547

Kapok – or cotton wool

Photo 20150209212926715

And my very own collection: 🙂

DSC_0066 DSC_0067 DSC_0069 DSC_0071 DSC_0072

Heres Stevie’s web page for more details on bushcraft and how to enjoy the great outdoors…! 🙂

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