I’ve raved a little about this on Facebook, so clearly it was time to highlight it here. 🙂 One of my mates, an outdoor instructor, highlighted to me this website and how great some of their gear is for anyone looking at packing light and enjoying some ‘home comforts’ – kinda! 😉

So here it is:
“Ultra light and still a fully functional multi-fuel stove. Only 61g (2.15 oz.) in the lightest configuration, with base plate 70g (2.47 oz.). Disassembled: 12×9 cm, only 1.5 MILLIMETERS thick.” – having now played about with this one, I’m happy enough to be packing this, flat-pack stove, on my back and taking it to the hills. It allows for multi fuel uses and therefore I’m looking at possible #MicroBrews with it, along with the addition of it being a bobbydazzler mini fire / hand warmer!


It’s first set up was in my back garden and as you’ll see from the below gallery, a ‘standard’ sized cup of water easily boiled in 5-6mins. Great! The only ‘con’ I’d highlight about these smaller sized stoves, is that they do burn fuel (wood) quickly, so you’re constantly keeping an eye on it for topping up. This is only if you’re after a fire, obviously there’s other fuels, meths and Esbit tablets that can simply take care of themselves, if all you’re after is heat application for a hot drinks and/or food.

My ‘fast packing’ blog, which originally featured this stove, can be found on the link below:
My buddy Stevie has his own blog site, where you can see a few more of these being put work…


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