Spidey Suit Development

So here it is…

…the post you’ve all been waiting for! Let’s forget about running epic trails on the UTMB, Transvulcania etc. What we’ve really wanted to know is how my Spidey suit is coming along for my 95 miles CHAS charity run this June! 😉

I already own a dye sublimination printed suit but this one, I am hoping never sees the light of day, during an ultra run. This current suit is used for a lot of charitable appearances and risking it, to the stumbles and tumbles of the West Highland Way Race would be a tad crazy – hearing that from me must sound a little daft huh!?! %o)

Spidey Hamley_01_small

My plan for this year’s West Highland Way Race has been to create not one but two suits, that will allow for ‘costume’ change, if the weather is not at it’s best. Fingers crossed, this will be turned around in time…

Having deliberated over what style of design I wanted for this suit, from a movie style to a more comic based look, I decided to go with my very own version. I wanted something that was comic based, hence the McFarlane eyes, along with a more natural looking web effect, printed over the suit. This coupled with the more natural way for a spider to hang – upside down. I was initially looking at using urethane chest and back emblems, similar to my current suit but as this is a more ‘sporting’ suit, there seemed no real benefit for having these glued to the suit.

This design set up has taken almost as long as it would for me to run the West Highland Way! The file my Mac was having to handle was a layered Photoshop file, at a size of 3.6GB!!!! Every saved change took on average 30mins to complete! It was a looooooong weekend and I’m happy to see that back of it. – sounds like a race report! 😉

I’m really happy with the end result and all I’m waiting on now, is delivery from the printers…

Once I have both suits stitched up and ready to go, it only leaves me looking for an excuse to go trail running, and test the suit out for breathability and more importantly visibility! Bo) #thwip!

Please bare in mind that I am taking on this year’s challenge as a way to help promote awareness and raise funds for CHAS – Children’s Hospice Association Scotland. Please, if you have a few pennies spare, feel free to donate at my online ‘JustGiving’ page! 🙂 Thanks in advance!


Here’s some developmental shots below:

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