Celebrating Winter!

I hadn’t planned this but following on from my previous post and due to weather changes, I thought that I would feature a post where we celebrated winter sports, photography and parts of Scotland, in an awe inspiring winter! The reason I guess that I’m wanting to feature a post on this theme, is due to reading a post from an ultra runner from Arizona, that had posted a stunning rocky trail desert photo, where he was happy and content to still be able to run and enjoy the warm weather of winter, without suffering the cold conditions that other ‘trial brothers and sisters’ were posting about. Nothing wrong with this, I understand that some people just like the warmth and what this can allow you to have, through a never changing seasonal year but I guess, due to my geographical upbringing, I’m just used to or ‘conditioned’ to seasonal change.

My twin sister emigrated to Australia and now lives very happily with her family in ‘sunny’ Brisbane and for a while, my wife and I had considered the same. I’ve followed a few blogs and race reports from ‘down unda’, as well as from friends in New Zealand but we both agreed that seasonal changes in weather, temperature, as well as it’s visual beauty are significant factors within our annual cycles, that we just can’t be without.

Last night we had our first heavy snow fall of the year (winter) and I guess this has also been a reason for this morning’s post.

Let’s celebrate winter before it’s gone and then we can move onto the joys and rebirth of Spring…!

The gallery added below has been taken from an Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival Facebook photography competition, where the subject was “Celebrating Winter” within Scotland and afar.

“ENJOY!” 😀


© https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153130550938777.1073741831.37722363776&type=1


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