Winter is here…!

With the change of time (clocks going an hour back), we’re now well and truly underway with the winter training…
…dark, wet, muddy, gritty streets and trails to battle with. Who’d have it any other way – I LOVE IT!!! 🙂
I’m fortunate enough not to suffer form the lack of vitamin D, when the daylight hours shorten. I guess I’m getting enough from within my current diet, along with copious amounts of caffeine!!! 😀 I’ve always been a huge fan of the changes from one season to another. The winter season that’s upon us, simply means that all my usual local trails and work commutes, change slightly and I get to enjoy another form of a familiar environment. It’s also another excuse for me to wear as much high-viz as possible, from my Petzl NAO to my Nike Flash Gilet. This gilet sits patiently in my wardrobe, all year round, for the winter to kick in and then the fun flash photography selfies begin… 😉


1476607_10152090945507673_176997841_n 1486594_10152108334322673_1001359434_n
Just one more ‘graphic doodle’ before I clock off! – get it clock off!!?!! 😉 Sorry!

Here’s one of liitl’ ol’ me on my first ever bike, my Raleigh Strika! A beast of a bike!!!! Here’s to 80’s Throwback Thursday’s commute to work! 😀

strika commute

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