Run Like The Wind – Energy Bar!


Having read a few magazines and blogs that feature various ‘home bake’ snacks, whilst on the trail, I have finally succumbed to the idea of making my very own energy bars 🙂

My wife Eilidh had mentioned a few times about a PT of hers, that was also a nutritionalist and keen blogger of healthy eating. I came across her Facebook page and thought I’d give this malarkey a go…!

The only addition that I’ve added to this was Chia Seeds and some mighty fine Afghanistan Dates, that come highly recommended from my Moroccan buddy Adel.

So here it is…!

All of the measurements below are fairly general, you can add a little more here and there. That’s what I like about this one, as you don’t have to remember specific weights etc. All you have to remember is not to produce a mix that’s too dry, or this will have the bars crumble after they’ve tried to set. To avoid it being dry, just add more peanut butter and Sweet Freedom. – “Sweet Freedom is fantastic addition to the kitchen”, my wife mumbles through a sticky gloop, as I catch her taking late night shots straight from the bottle. Ah, I remember the days where calories weren’t the focus and we’d both be pouring tequila and green chartreuse down our throats! 😉


Oats – 2 cups

Chopped dates – to preference

Chia Seeds – to preference

Chopped almonds – 1/2 cup

Macadamia nuts – 1/2 cup

Peanut butter – 3 heaped tea spoons

Natural sugar mix – sweet freedom – 1/3 cup

Dark chocolate drops – to preference


1. Oven bake oats until golden brown (5-10mins)

2. Place dates in a bowl and add boiling water to soften.

3. Mix chopped date with nuts and Chia seeds

4. Add peanut butter and Sweet Freedom to pan and melt / stir together.

5. Add baked oats to nuts and mix.

6. Add melted peanut butter mix to nuts and oats mix.

7. Whilst warm, pack half of mix into a container, then sprinkle dark chocolate drops over the top. Then add the remaining mix over chocolate drops and pack tightly.

8. Place in fridge to set overnight

9. ENJOY with a brew!!!!  – and run like the wind!!!!! 😀


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