2014 WHW Support Crew Goodies



Here we are again! 😀

It’s exactly two weeks today, where I’ll be running the time of my life, once more and backed again by my reliable support crew! 🙂

So, time again comes to thinking of logistics, planning of food, nutrition, fluids, gels, sweets, clothing, drop offs, time splits AND yup GOODIE BAGS for my crew! 😀

Here’s what I managed to come up with – so far for my crew as a form of thanks for their support throughout my training as well as the looooooong day ahead of them, in two weeks time…!

Thanks goes to my wife Eilidh – keeping ‘everyone’ in check! 😉 Jimbo for his documenting of the ‘adventure’ and 2nd driver duties, as well as Ross ‘pEEKo’ Leslie – my support runner and personal beeatch for the day! 😀

“Here’s to you guys. THANKS!!!!!!!” 😀







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