Sleep deprived hallucinations!

With my first ultra of the year looming over me, it’s time to prepare for the tapering phase of my training and with it THE LOSS OF CAFFEINE!!!!! Thought I’d go ‘cold turkey’ as of today but with the addition of my work placing me on early shifts, I was struggling a bit this morning. I have to keep listening to my PT and learn “to do all things Kenyan” – train hard, eat well AND sleep. I have been trying my best to get to bed for 10pm sharp but I have to admit to staying up late a ‘few’ times, to catch my wife as she comes in from a long working day herself. Sacrifices need to be made for training but I also think that a little bit of sacrificing of the training schedule is also good for the body and ‘mind’. 😀

So on the subject of “mind”, I’ll leave you with this representation of a recent hallucination I had on a caffeine starved, sleep deprived, evening trail run… 😉

Get out and ENJOY!!!! 😀



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