Ultra Spider-Man

With only a few weeks until my first big run of the year, the Transvulcania Ultra, I’m now at a point where my training and mileage is at it’s peak. This has me focusing on achieving 9hr trail run sessions during the weekends as well as trying to ‘squeeze’ in the well needed and just as important ‘rest day!’ Having also just been placed onto a shift pattern at work, I’ve been finding it harder to have ‘spare’ time for much of anything else BUT hold on…

…a few weeks back, I received a call from Hamleys Glasgow toy store asking if I had space in my calendar and be able to appear as The Amazing Spider-Man, to help promote the latest movie release. “HELL YES!” 😀

As well as my passion for ultra running, I am a volunteer for a non profit charity organization, that help support ‘sick kids’ foundations – ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland). Hamleys have always been fantastic supporters of our ‘movie costuming’ group and being a BIG KID myself, I’m always happy to oblige and give some of my time to worthy causes, whilst getting suited up as Spidey once more!

Last weekend saw me taking part in a ‘Venture Photography’ photo shoot, where Hamleys were wanting to feature Spider-Man arriving in the city of Glasgow and snap a few shots of him around some of the known landmarks, as well as popping into the Clyde1 Radio Station for a few promo opportunities with the DJs!

A fantastic day was had, running around the city, climbing up and over various sites that normally would find me getting arrested! 😉 How often do you get the chance to climb up upon a telephone booth on a mobbed Saturday afternoon Buchanan Street!?!

With the promo day done, I’ll be appearing, this Saturday, at the store to meet and greet all the Spidey fans out there and perhaps get a picture or two… I used to think that days like these were also to be counted as ‘days of rest’ but I have to admit to always feeling whacked after a long day and I put this down to the 6+hrs sessions, that see me pulling as many ‘yoga’ based Spidey Poses that I can physically come up with.

“On with the training!” 😀

Enjoy the pics!


One response to “Ultra Spider-Man

  1. Awesome – I’m sure this counts as cross training! It must have been lots of fun and it’s for a great cause too, so it’s a double win. The pictures certainly look very cool. 🙂 I’ve just started my 12 week training cycle for my ultramarathon, and I’m really enjoying the long runs. The milder temperatures and longer days certainly help. 😀

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