Hungry like a Wolf!


Having arrived for my PT session with buddy Donnie ‘The Wolf’ Campbell, I was welcomed into Colin McPhail’s ‘Footworks’ store once more. This time though, there was something noticeably different…
…due to my upcoming Transvulcania Race, the guys thought it would be a ‘kind gesture’ to turn up the heating, in a ‘no air-con’ store and beast me with an hour of intense hill reps!!!! O_O So on I battled, armed with only my TORQ water bottle in hand, with some refreshing, chilled tap water, instead of Abdel’s very kind offer of Warm Moroccan Sugared Tea! – not sure how long I would have held that one down! :o/

Thankfully I managed to survive the hour and finished with a strong sprint! – So what better way to celebrate and share this ‘treadmill beasting’ with you all, than to share my ‘Sports Billy’ animated version of myself and an insight of this evening’s session…

Enjoy! ;o)

And a small snap of me broken, from an earlier treadmill session, courtesy of The Wolf! 🙂




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