The year ahead…

HNY 2014_V2

Yup, somehow I thought it would be a great idea to bounce onto running some mountain ultra marathons for 2014! “HELP!!!”

I still remember signing up for my first ever Mountain Marathon, nicknamed “The UK’s Toughest Mountain Marathon!” O_O It was the Glencoe Mountain Marathon and what a beautiful one it was! At the time, the GMM was used as a training run for my 1st year at attempting the West Highland Way Race – anyhoo I digress…

This year I decided to punish myself some more and push for what might very well be the toughest year I ever choose to train for and participate in but as many have said before me, “Never again!” I’m sure after the last race of the year, I’ll already have a few other crazy adventures on the horizon…! 😉

So here they are, my races for the year! – and I have to say that I am very excited by them all, as well as being extremely fortunate to have gained entry to all of them!

May 10th 2014
Transvulcania Ultra Marathon – 52 miles

June 21st 2014
West Highland Way Race – 95 mile race

29th Aug. 2014
North Face UTMB – 105 miles


3 responses to “The year ahead…

  1. That sounds amazing – it’s promising to be an awesome summer of running for you! I know UTMB is the holy grail for ultra runners, but I think Transvulcania is one of the most beautiful ultras in Europe… what a wonderful “warm up” for the longer races. Best of luck, and look forward to hearing about how you get on!

  2. Thanks guys! 🙂 Really looking forward to these beauties, each race has it’s very own unique ‘enjoyment factors’ 😉 If I stay strong and injury free, should be one fantastic year ahead. This is one reason why I’ve limited my races, this year, to ensure a strong training background for some epic times on the trails! 😀

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