UTMB 2014 Confirmation

Well what an amazing 24/48 hrs I’m having right now…!

Having had a successful season ultra running in 2013, I thought I’d chance my luck and see if I’d have any success in an application for running the NFUTMB. Having gained the sufficient points required, within one year, I felt that I was running ‘fairly’ strong and would rather take the opportunity of applying, straight off, as this can be a hit or miss due to the number of ‘approved’ applicants always ending up within the notorious ballot. I had expected, if I’m honest, not to have have been successful in the ballot and had already accepted the fact that to enter the likes of the UTMB, took time, perseverance and dedication to long seasonal training.

9am Wednesday morning and I had already been at work for an hour, time had flewn by and I wasn’t aware of that until my pocket started to vibrate. Friends were messaging me to see if I had been successful in my application. Excitement hit me, as I tried to key in the url of the UTMB website and check the lucky applicants… Already on Facebook, I was reading of others that had been fortunate enough to be in and sadly others that weren’t. Having logged in and now finding the search function, for keying in runners names and hitting the result button…

Lawrie – Ross . . .


Sh*t! I was in!!!!! O_O

The next time I would be in Chamonix town square, witnessing this epic trail race, I wasn’t going to be on the public side of the race barrier. I wasn’t going to have my wife Eilidh standing beside me, both of us trying our best to snap a shot of the runners,as well as capturing the electric atmosphere that’s buzzing around everyone. No, instead I was going to be in the thick of that swarm of athletes, and ready to take on the challenge of my life!

I can’t imagine what goes on, physically and mentally, in that moment just before the race kicks off but the electricity that I felt as a supporter last year, from being enveloped within the cheers of the crowd, the UTMB anthem by Vangelis playing on the public speakers, standing deep within the Chamonix valley, snow capped mountain and glaciers towering above, had all raised the hairs on the back of my neck. What was I to experience on the other side of that barrier

Only time will tell…!

Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise


Video highlights link below:


6 responses to “UTMB 2014 Confirmation

  1. That is amazing Ross! So well deserved too. I wish you a wonderful time training for this beast of a race – I followed the usual suspects in the race very closely last year via the website, and I suspect that this year I’ll be cheering for someone else as well. So happy for you!

    • Thanks very much!!! All quite overwhelming right now and I’m sure will be right up to and including the race itself… All I’m after is erm…
      …”adventure!?!” 🙂

      • I suppose this means that my chances of accidentally bumping into you while running in the Ochils will increase exponentially over the next few months as well… 😉

    • Hey Matt! Sorry to hear that you haven’t had the success in the CCC draw, are you still heading over to support or holding out for a possible trip next year? All the best buddy! – and thanks for the link, I’ve heard about it and thought that this might actually be what I would be looking at this year but instead ‘lucked in!’ 🙂

      • Na. Accom is a bit pricey at that time. I’ll probably do the zugspitz 80km in june down in sout germany and try my luck on the ccc next year. If i dont get a place next year i’ll transfer to the tds. Given how the race is growing it’ll be like london marathon in 5 years…i.e impossible to get a place. Best of lyck with training!

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