Under Armour ‘Cold Gear’

Under Armour ‘Cold Gear’ long sleeve top.


Winter here, means ‘cold, wet weather’ and this in turn means it’s time to bring out the Under armour ‘cold gear!’

Does what it says on the tin here – a great top to bring out for the winter season, protecting you from some gale force winds and the colder, biting temperatures. I’ve found myself coupling this with my Gore Cycle Gilet, where the days are dry but possibly sub-zero, with a strong wind chill. I find that this combination is all I need on the winter hills, unless there’s rain and that’s where I simply bring out my inov8 150 Stormshell. Running light, keeping warm, well wicked and breathing easy, this is a superb and dependable top that I turn to time and time again.

A great little addition, I found to this top, is the rubber bonded finish to the hem of the hem of the jumper. This allows your jumper to stick firmly in place to your jogging pants and ‘never’ rides up. I have noticed with some running tops, that they can ‘ride’ up your back if your wearing a backpack, running vest or waist belt. Due to the fantastic rubber grip, from this particular top around your waist, the base of your back is sealed shut and kept warm and unexposed to the cold elements. Another thing to point out here would be the half-zip. I’m a HUGE fan of these and find that when I warm up, during a run, these longer zips are all that’s needed to regulate my temperature. They can be opened fully, to the base or just below your sternum, for full exposure allowing your core to breath and cool down. As well as this they can be zipped right up to the base of your chin, giving a snug, warm fit if needed. If I have been running with a Buff round my neck, I have found myself removing it and wrapping it around my wrist, as this top, along with the Gore zipped up, is enough to keep the elements form my neck and chest.

Here’s what the “pros” say…

“Mens Under Armour Thermo ColdGear Infrared 1/4 Zip. ColdGear® technology with a thermo-conductive coated inner that absorbs and retains warmth. Bonded hexagon interior traps heat without adding unwanted bulk or weight. 4-way stretch with flatlock seem construction allows a greater range of motion. Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes whilst a deep 1/4 zip design allows quick ventilation and ease of wear.”

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