Featherweight Stove

Following my last blog, featuring a possible lighter way to run, with a stove. I have made a few updates and details below of my first outing, using the kit outdoors, in the middle of nowhere. Where I enjoyed a cracking peaceful early morning brew! 🙂

The gallery below will show you each item and how they are packed together…

First Version:

Dry Bag: 25g

Fat Face Tin Cup:  125g

Pepsi Can: 10g

Bio Fuel (meth): 75g

‘Light My Fire’ Plastic Spork: 10g

Nescafe Azera Tin: 25g

Instant Nescafe (bagged): 10g

Matches: n/a

Paper or bubble wrap: nil

* this can be used to pack the interior of your tins, to stop things rattling as you ‘run like the wind!’ 😉 Bubble wrap might be a better use, for longevity of use. Just be sure not to leave any out in the wild!


Improved LIGHTER VERSION: 95g lighter!!!

Replace Fat Face tin cup with ‘Light My Fire’ Collapsible ‘Pack-up-Cup’ (25g). Saves 100g right there!

Replace Nescafe Azera tin (25g) with dog food tin (30g) – this is a taller tin and will allow for the addition of the collapsible cup. 5g compromise but worth it for the compact packing…


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