Featherweight Ultra Running Stove…

It has been a interest and goal of mine, for a while now, to run from one bothy to another over the course of a few days. I’d like to think that this might come to fruition, later in 2014… There are various factors that need to be considered for this and with this ‘cost!’ Usually when looking at various avenues of lightweight running and camping gear, you’re left with very little from your initial budget – the tech and product development that goes in to ‘lightweight’ camping and at times ‘carbon’ material, is expensive. So you might understand why I got a little excited by a video I came across online… the film was originally posted, by another runner, on the WHW Race Facebook forum and instantly I had to give this a go! Here’s my little story of how I came across the cheapest and lightest solution, I know, for a portable stove…

I’m not going to try and reinvent the wheel here – the video link can be found below, including all you need to know about how to make your tin can stove and it follows with a picture gallery of my efforts, as well as taking it to the hills to test out…


Ok, you may have noticed that myself and  Stevie, enjoyed our brews in my campervan. This was due to the heavy, driving rain and at times snow, that we encountered on the hills. Due to the ‘featherweight’ of this product, wind was not your friend for safe burning… What could be marked as a “con” for this product, would be that it has to be utilised within some for of shelter – a bothy would be great and this is just what I intend to use this product for. In this case though, we settled for the shelter of my VW Camper 🙂
The only other note to point out would be to ensure that when creasing your groves/air vents around the can, make sure they remain prominent. One of our tins was left a little ‘tight’ on these air vents, which resulted on snuffing out the flame.


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