Keep ‘The Wolf’ at bay!


We’re all aware that when we exercise, it can be hard to tell if your glucose level is low. That’s because many symptoms of low blood glucose, such as fatigue and sweating, overlap with the changes we ordinarily experience when exercising vigorously.

This is where Fatella comes in…

Fatella is a chocolate energy spread with a difference – not only will this keep your kids running round and round, for hours on end, compared to all other ‘leading supermarché products’ but it can also turn a fatigued ultra runner into the ‘Mountain Goat’ that we all aspire to be!
When your hitting ‘the wall’, sweating, feeling tremors, nausea or weakness – look no further than a Fatella spread sarnie!
“A Fatella sarnie a day, will keep ‘The Wolf’ at bay!” 😉
– this product is available from any semi-decent* supermarché
Catch a wolf photo-2photo-9
This article is endorsed in good humour by a good friend and personal trainer of mine – Donnie Campbell of ‘Get Active Running’

3 responses to “Keep ‘The Wolf’ at bay!

    • 🙂 Thanks!
      I have to admit to taking a square or two of the ‘dark magic’ with me, on longer runs, but this might become more of a habit, as I try to enjoy chocolate with a mighty fine brew! 😉 I’m gonna come off these hills larger than I went up them!!! 😉

      • I would be REALLY impressed if you managed to gain weight on a run and demand to know how you do it! I’m still experimenting with nutrition on the run, and it’s a slow process. However, I do think that my body is coming around to the idea, especially since I have realised that I get on much better with “real food” and have stopped inflicting so called specially formulated exercise nutrition upon it. My favourite chocolates for running are Mozart Kugeln… they aren’t too sweet, contain quite a few nuts and each one is a perfect two-bite-sized 100-calorie fuel bomb.

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