Entry to the West Highland Way Race 2014

2014 Approved

It’s that time of the year again, and we’re all poised by our computer monitors, tablets, mobile phones, all waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

…as I posted earlier myself, on the WHW Facebook group, the weekend of 7th & 8th of Dec has become as tense and as exciting as waiting for Xmas to arrive…! Not long to wait now…

…whilst waiting for the notifications to go “live”, a running friend of mine (Sandra) and her partner, Ian Beattie (WHW RD) are enjoying an evening out at a location in Edinburgh ironically called “The Waiting Room”!!!! There just couldn’t be any more of a tease for this year’s announced runners start list.

Monday 9th Dec and it’s announced! Strangely, I’m online but unaware of the frenzy that’s just taken place and the numerous posts that are going live on the WHW Facebook group. I’m posting about a gilet I’ve just had delivered and then a pal of mine, Jo hits me with the comment – “Never mind that. Are you in?” – panic! Time to check the emails, minute by minute…!

2014 list

I check the FB group page where Ian Beattie has posted this…

“We have now considered all of the entry applications for the 2014 West Highland Way Race. There were 305 applications in total. Of those, 4 withdrew from consideration prior to the review process. 27 were not considered to have adequate relevant experience at this stage and their application was rejected. That meant there were 274 ‘qualified’ entrants for 265 places, and so a ballot needed to be held to determine the 9 people who could not be given a place in this year’s race.

I will be sending an e-mail to each entrant shortly to let them know whether they have been accepted or rejected. If you have been accepted, please accept the invitation as instructed and pay the entry fee. If you have not been accepted, bad luck, and I hope to see you at a future race.”

…check my mail again…

SU-bloody-PERB! I’M IN!!!!!!!!!

On that note, I’ll post a link to a short video of my 2013 effort…


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