West Highland Way Race 2013

0_Packing_01aThis is my first attempt at the infamous West Highland Way Ultra Race:

Milngavie to Fort William – 95 miles completed in under 24hrs! Enjoy! 🙂



A small part taken from my earlier blog, from this year’s WHW attempt…

“There was Ian Beattie (Race Director), standing mic in hand and addressing us, me, the runners and crew…

I had already read his brief that he had previously posted online and was very much aware of what was to be said. Just as well as I was ‘hearing’ Ian but my mind wasn’t allowing me to ‘listen’. All my muscle fibres, including my brain were beginning to fire up and tingle away with the promise and expectation of what lay ahead. All of a sudden though, as I was focusing on my thoughts, rhythm and breathing – Ian began to read a quote from a very special lady of the WHW Race. I was focused on those words as I was before, when Fiona posted them online for us all to reflect…

Fiona Rennie has been an inspiration to me. I have not yet had the honour of meeting her but have become friends on Facebook, seeing her from afar at various races and social catch ups. Fiona is a runner, a rock, an inspiration. A woman that has and is battling with cancer but still bounces back, again and again to enjoy the trails with a refreshed, cleansed, unbridled spirit! I had taken a copy of her words, that Ian had read, on my phone.  If I thought times were getting tough out there on the trails, I planned to read these. These were her words:

Fiona Rennie

“This week is a tough one where you can get bogged down with lists, splits and packing a truck load of gear, ok it will give you something to do. But when the word “Go” is shouted at Milngavie, take a deep breath, relax, the adventure has started, enjoy.

Keep it simple, we do this because we love to run, it’s not rocket science, don’t look too far ahead, if you must, no further than the next checkpoint and the culinary delight you’re going to have.

Live in the moment, enjoy the morning bird song along to Rowardennan, the dodgy, scary path along the Loch, the peace and beauty of the Angel’s Playground, the fun of the roller coaster, the wide openness of Rannoch moor, the majestic brooding hills around Glencoe, if it isn’t hurting by now it soon will, remember you are here because you have the privilege of good health and had the ability to train for this whether it has gone according to plan or not. In xxxx hours it will be over when you slap your hands on the door of Leisure Centre. The pain and discomfort you will feel in this challenge of your own choosing will never come close to those fighting terminal illness.

Remember how lucky you are, the sense of achievement when you pick up your Goblet will never ever diminish and will enhance your life forever.”

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