OMM Ultra Waist Pouch

Following my previous product review on the Inov8 Race Pro 4 Waist Pack, where I wasn’t convinced on the overall feel, comfort and breathability, I have been looking at refining this minimal ‘pouch’ option further – and here it is…
…I give you the mighty impressive OMM Ultra Waist Pouch!
OMM Ultra Waist Pouch_IMG_7540

A few months ago, I managed to spot this cracking piece as a “last in store” sales price @ a very tempting price of £16.00 instead of the rrp £35.00. Having been tempted by the Inov8 but just not fully convinced by it’s size and bounce, I left the shop to do a little online research to see what the general thoughts, pros and cons were on the OMM version. From what I could read up on this pouch, it was an amazing piece of kit to own. The only negative that people gave was focused around the bottle. It seemed that the bottle would bounce a bit too much, your arm occasionally hit it during some runs and that it was not the easiest for quick release.
I was looking for an option of a smaller bag, to allow me to train and pack ‘lighter’. I put the general “cons” to one side, and put that down to possible ‘user error’ and treated myself to a bargain! 😉
Having now ran with this pouch for over two months, on trail as well as 20 miles/day work commute, this pouch does it all!!! I’m able to pack the bare essentials AND a little more! 🙂
As for the bottle issue that others found, I haven’t yet suffered from a bounce, far from it, I’d go as far as to say that this bag almost feels as though it isn’t there. There’s a small, soft, cushion feeling on the base of my back and that’s it. No bounce – I put this down to tightening the bag as tight it comfortably allows. Access to the bottle or any other, couldn’t be easier or quicker. Having covered over 300 miles with this bag so far, I have still to knock my arms off the bottle BUT I do have to admit to swapping the bottle, at times, to a supermarket sports drink. This is just me being lazy and not using the OMM bottle supplied if I have other fluids that I’ve bought and need drunk.
* Please also note the genius way that the designers of this pouch have managed to utilise ‘space’ and get a ‘map pocket’ – see pics. Now, I LOVE maps, so this to me, is an amazing addition! Admittedly you do have to remove the bag to access the map and this can become inconvenient, if your lazy like me and prefer to grab and read as you go…

Below is a list of what I can fit into the pouch – there stil space for more…!

Contents for a daily work commute:
2 sandwiches
Lightweight Rain Jacket
Pants & socks
cereal bar
Battery pack for head torch
Mobile phone
AND my Wacom Bamboo Tablet! – I’m a graphic designer and like to have this tool with me, day and night, as I commute to and from work! 🙂
Additional clothing can be added, with the use of the elastic strapping on the top but I just don’t like trusting these. Having had a friend of mine lose a very expensive jacket from his back pack, incorrectly applied by him but nonetheless, I’m not too keen on using this feature.

Ok, so here’s what the ‘Sales Team’ say about it:
6L Waist Pouch with 2 hip pockets, one zip one elastic and an innovative “quick stash” single handed bottle holster.

Top Features of the OMM Ultra Waist Pouch

Elastics for external stashing of additional gear
One elasticated belt pocket
One zipped belt pocket
Whistle integrated with zip puller
Internal mesh pocket for kit organisation
LINK buckles fit to the Last Drop to give a 16 litre pack
LINK buckles fit under lid of larger packs,
Belt can folded away in integral pocket
Reflective strip with slot for clipping cycle LED
Full Weight 270g
LeanWeight 260g
Pockets: Belt pockets 1 elasticated, 1 zipped
Fabrics 210T / HTTF

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