“Be Seen. Stay Dry.”

Well winter is upon us again and it’s time to bring out the long sleeved tops and reflective gear! – head torch as well! *:o)

One of Nike’s latest slogans “Be Seen. Stay Dry.”, could not be more apt for us hardened runners in Scotland. With the winter months well underway, along with some rather ‘interesting’ forecasts of Arctic winds and weather coming for the end of the week, we are in for some dark and wild running!!!!! 😮

With training well under way, I’m now running/commuting to my work, in the dark and early hours of the morning, as well as the evenings. The majority of my commute is on a cycle path but there are a few sections where I am pushed onto the busy road and one such section sees me engulfed with HGVs coming and going from a local depot. This is a section that I use as a little ‘speed work’ but “high visibility” for this part of my route IS IMPORTANT!!!! Therefore, it is about this time of year where I start to consider investing in some hi-vis gear, of course ‘only’ if needed… ;o)

Having stumbled across what would have to be the most impressive jacket to date for safety on the roads and city runs, I had to pass it by due to the price tag (£319.99) This was the Nike Flash Running Jacket, a very smart piece of kit but sadly not something I could afford. Then I managed to stumble across Nike’s “Flash Reversible Running Gilet” version of this jacket and a fantastic website (http://www.sportsshoes.com), that I subscribe to were offering a crackin’ deal…!

73% OFF!!!!!!

rrp was £149.99 but they were currently selling it off at £39.99! Bonus!

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 12.34.42 PM
Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 12.35.11 PM


I’ve posted some pics within this feature but will post my very own, along with a short review on my thoughts, on its arrival…


Following my promise to review this product, once receiving it and ‘playing’ around with it 😉 here’s my thoughts…

I’ve been using this product as a ‘winter work commute’ running gilet, for the obvious benefits of staying “bright and seen”. On delivery day, it seemed to go down a right treat, with the guys in my office, as we turned off all lights and shone my head torch in my general direction! *:o) And true to it’s promise, it’s a very bright ‘hi-vis’ gilet. I have placed a few pictures into this thread, to show you some shots I’ve taken of myself, during my runs to and from work. One thing that I’m not able to comment on is how visible this jacket comes across, from a drivers point of view but I can say that when I look down at my gilet, with oncoming traffic, it reflects the headlights well enough. The more ‘direct’ the light source is on focusing on you, the more your gilet bounces back this light and illuminates your torso. I’ve had some serious amounts of fun with this and the automatic flash within my iphone camera 🙂
Now onto the ‘proofing’ Due to the build of this gilet, I consider it a lightweight running vest and with this, I only intend to wear it during the cold but ‘dry’ winter days. I also run with a featherweight inov8 jacket packed into my OMM bumback, just in case I’m ever caught out. These two options are fantastic for me just now, as I’m focusing on running ‘lighter’ than my previous commutes and seeing how ‘minimal’ I can be when out running. Having tested this a lot, to and from my work, I’ve been able to put this lighter, minimal practice into my longer weekend trail runs and have me feeling confident in my chosen equipment. Due to this being considered as a ‘lightweight’ gilet, there is wind-proofing there but if I was to run in daylight, with no need for hi-vis, and it was forecast for gale force winds, I have been relying on my Gore cycling gilet as it definitely is more ‘wind-proofing’ than the Nike Flash. Both in my mind serve a different purpose. When it’s windy running to and from work, I’m not too hampered by this as I know my run is only a 10 mile route, with a sheltered end destination and I marry up the Nike gilet with one of my Under Armor ColdGear long sleeve tops. With this combination, along with the fact that I’m running, it’s a perfect combination for keeping warm, and not too sweaty and cold. From what I’ve read on other reviews, one positive that this gilet has over the jacket, is that it is more breathable, due to the obvious fact that there’s no arms! The reflective material used does mean that the material is not breathable but that where the hole/air vents on the top help out. Some guys that have bought both, the jacket and the gilet, have said that they have found themselves using the gilet more due to the extra breathing and not having your sleeves fill up with a pool of sweat.

As I said at the start of this post – I was after an avenue where I could run to my work and be more ‘visible’ to heavy traffic and this requirement coupled with the cracking discount, made this product a no brainer!!!! – following a few of my Facebook posts, a few friends have even decided to invest in their own.
gilet_01 gilet_02

Here’s what the pros have to say about it…


The Nike Flash Reversible Running Gilet features Dri-Fit Fabric to wick sweat away from the skin and keep you dry and comfortable on those longer runs. Perforations on the back panel provide a constant flow of air to permeate the jacket to keep you cool.

A fully reversible design means you have two gilet’s in one to change your style in seconds. Reflective details will ensure you remain visible in low-light conditions, particularly those wintery evenings.

Bonded zip pockets provide you with space to store your valuables safely and securely and to keep your hands warm on those colder winter days.

A mock neck, with full zip gives you the versatility you need and the additional coverage to keep your neck warm up to your chin.

  • Dri-FIT Fabric – To wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Perforations – Located on the back panel for enhanced ventilation, keeping you cool when necessary,
  • Mock Neck – With full zip for outdoor coverage and easy on, easy off.
  • Reversible Design – A fully reversible gilet that allows you to change your look in seconds.
  • Reflective – Reflective material on one side for a custom look and enhanced visibility in low light.
  • Bonded Zip Pockets – At sides to store your valuables safely and securely.
  • Fabric – Dri-FIT 100% polyester.

One response to ““Be Seen. Stay Dry.”

  1. Stay visible is an understatement, these tops are so reflective they blind you:) I am not a fan of handless tops that much, if the seams are poorly executed they can damage the skin on my shoulders.

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