From ‘Firefox’ to ‘Drowned Rat!’ :(

Sadly following a succession of unpleasant ‘wet runs’, where my Mountain Equipment ‘Firefox’ jacket was relied upon, I’ve had to bit the bullet and send it packing… 😦

Not too long after running with my new purchase, I did notice that the jacket would not hold up to some of Scotland’s wettest days. Morning commutes to work, would be followed by an examination of the interior of my jacket, then whipped inside out and left to dry out for a wet run home. Initially, I wondered of running with my Salomon backpack was causing issues, where the fine hairs were being rubbed down flat and causing a compromise to the integrity of the ‘proofing’.
I attended a Gore evening in Edinburgh’s “Run and Become” store, where I got the chance to speak to a representative and see what he could advise. The evening was a winner on building your belief and confidence in the Gore product and left me wanting to believe that my jacket was up to the job. It was advised that I should try to wash my jacket with waterproofing solution, then follow that with a short stint in a tumble dryer. Having used my neighbours dryer and still not getting anywhere, I was advised to try applying a warm iron, over a towel, onto the outer shell of the jacket. Sadly this still didn’t last long…

I continued with the drying and ironing applications during my training for the West Highland Way Race and then ran the race itself. This was where I decided enough was enough. The race was a went run, from start to finish. I managed to cover the 95 miles in just under 24 hours and just shy of the end, I had to give up with the jacket, as I was soaked through and with fatigue kicking in, hyperthermia was a concern. Thankfully my buddy Jimbo was supporting me and I got to grab his jacket for the final 6 miles.

Following this race, I got in touch with Mountain Equipment, who were more than happy to test my jacket and see where the issues were. I need to say here that customer service was superb! From my initial purchase, from Tiso, through the Mountain Equipment tests and then onto Gore testing it themselves, before it could be deemed a “dud” jacket. After a couple of weeks, the result was as I expected and I was offered a full refund or exchange. During this time though, I had been talking to a few other runners, some that love the ME gear, others that wouldn’t rate it that highly but the general consensus was that I’d be best investing in another Gore based jacket or something similar but not ME.

So the search began for a new jacket…


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