The countdown has begun…!

Last few sessions enjoyed on the Ochil Hills this week, as I’ve begun my tapering phase for the West Highland Way Race. What better way to be welcomed off the hills, than by my wife Eil, pup Turry and a fresh peppermint brew from ‘Minty!’ 🙂

Sadly, following my rather successful run in the Hoka Highland Fling, I managed to niggle some old scar tissue post race. This has left my month of preparation for the WHW a little under the final mileage and hill work targets to say the least! :/
Nonetheless, I’ve been keeping a positive mind on the approach to the WHW, and a huge boost of this came when I was invited over to Doc Andy Murray’s house to have an ultrasound scan on my lower leg. The good news was that I hadn’t torn anything and I was just feeling the results of a hard, post race sports massage over old scar tissue. There wasn’t really time for another massage session and I was given the green light to ‘breakdown’ the tissue through running. Thankfully my calf went from feeling like a golf ball size, down to ping-pong, then marble and now, hopefully all will be fine on the day… If not, I’ve already been told by my good buddy and personal trainer Donnie to MTFU! 😉

The way I see it, not many runners ever start a race 100% and I’m one of the fortunate ones to have trained hard and made it to the start line for this coming Friday night! If or when things begin to hurt, I’ll just need to focus elsewhere as I’m sure once I hit the 60+ mile mark, I’ll be hurting all over and can focus on other areas of discomfort. Saying all that, I did manage to run The Fling’s 53 miles with no pain, discomfort or even a blister – so here’s hoping I bounce through the first 50 the same way on Saturday.

So, these are my current and possible final thoughts before the ‘BIGGIE!’ 🙂

Time to enjoy some pre-race training piccies…! – After all, it’s what this running malarkey is all about right!?! 😉

breaktime castle_campbell me_turry photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5


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