Our new addition to the ‘family!’

It’s been a crazy time of late, with injuries, the “odd purchase” and the beginning of my tapering period for the West Highland Way Race!
This post is to feature the latest and most expensive ‘product’ I’ll ever invest into my trail running adventures – MY FIRST EVER CAMPER VAN!!!!! 🙂

Boy am I happy to say, that at long last, after more than 15 years, my wife and I are the proud owners of our very own VW T5 Camper Van! 🙂
This has been something that myself and Eilidh have been talking about for a long time and hope to use on many an occasion, not just for running ultras but for the odd weekend of adventure up into the Munros and west coastlines of bonnie Scotland! :o) The main focus is obviously going to be its use for the support crew during the WHW Race, allowing me some cover from the elements and mighty midge when I stop for refueling on a warm pot of porridge 😉 We’ll also begin to save some pennies on not having to crash at various hotels the night before and after some long runs, instead we can enjoy the luxury that the van can offer along with the additional companionship of our black labrador Turry! 🙂

On an additional point, we have already booked our holiday for heading over and seeing first hand, how the UTMB is organized with our two week adventure road trip to Chamonix!!!!!! – one of the major points used to convince my wife Eilidh about this investment! 😉

So all this leaves me with now, is to introduce you to “Minty…!” 😮

VWT5 Van

image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007 image008 image009


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