Crew catch up & ‘Spanking the monkey!’


Last Saturday had Eilidh and myself host a fantastic evening for our West Highland Way Ultra Race Support Crew! What a cracking night it was too! 🙂
Andy, David, Julie, Jimbo and Donnie were all treated to a banquet of delights from our local Thai Restaurant accompanied by the flow of “mighty fine” wine! %o)

The evening’s chat was flowing from the off and it wasn’t long until we deviated from running chat and found ourselves talking about everything from tattoos to ‘spanking the monkey!’ 😉  long story but it did include this… –


Haven’t laughed so much in a longtime 🙂 Once dinner was over and the chance of random sauce spillage was significantly less, everyone was presented with their long awaited ‘goodie bags’ – “time for a team photie!” :oD
Having not drank since the New Year, this evening’s celebration was to be my undoing, for the following morning! Unknown to me, but I should have guessed it with Donnie being an islander, he managed to drink like a fish and it wasn’t long until we were the only two left ‘sitting’ 😉 outside by the chiminea and sorting out the world issues! By morning, in true Campbell fashion, I was BROKEN once more! :/

With logistics sorted and a great catch up with the crew, this left us all ‘lubricated’, better acquainted and ready for the ‘BIG ONE!’ – Kind of…!  O_O


Meet the ‘crew!’ 🙂


So why does it look like everyone’s having a ‘jimmy riddle’ in my front room!?! O_O


Just like the fire, Donnie’s beginning to fade… 😉


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