injinji socks

Superb product – Superb company – Superb price!


• Proper toe alignment
• Superior moisture management
• Better posture and balance
• Blister and hotspot prevention
• Tactile feel

I have covered a lot of miles in my time and used to rely upon the good ol’ trusty Compeed Blister plasters BUT NO MORE!!!!
I normally buy Compeeds as a standard “must have” for my long distance runs but having moved into barefoot running and enjoying my Vibram 5 Fingers, I came across “injinji” – to me, a revolution in sports socks! Trust me!

Having forgotten about my ‘ritual’ pre-race preparation of gear, as I was heading out for a social ‘fun run’ of 40+ miles, with some like-minded ultra buddies. My wife pointed out to me that I hadn’t been wearing any compeeds for the last few ‘social’ long distance runs. All I was wearing were my Vibrams or Inov8s and injinji socks. These socks have not only allowed my feet to perform naturally, within my chosen footwear, but also to breathe and prevent wet skin rubbing alongside other wet, sweaty skin. I have yet to experience ‘hot spots’ and ‘blisters’ running in these socks. The injinji socks are also thicker than other similar products on the market, this allowing your feet to be warmer and the socks more durable and comfortable on ultra distances. The most important thing to remember here, is that these socks can and should be worn in all types of running shoes, as the benefits will speak for themselves and you’ll never look back! 🙂

And a special thanks goes to Lee @ for their products, support and belief in the barefoot movement…! 🙂

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.35.27 AM
Here’s the tech spec…

The Performance Series Midweight Toesock™ is designed as a padded interface for performance in any shoe, climate and terrain. It features a honeycomb design on top of the foot for added breathability and a light compression for proper fit. The Performance Series is engineered with Injinji’s patented Technology™ and built with superior fibers to keep feet dry, cool and comfortable.

Cushioned 360° knit construction in the heel and sole: Added shock absorption and protection for sensitive feet
CoolMax® fiber provides superior moisture management while Lycra® and nylon offer light compression and durability
Design allows for natural restriction-free movement and eliminates friction to prevent blisters
Constructed with:

* 50% CoolMax®
* 45% Nylon
* 5% Lycra®

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.35.04 AM


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