Intrinsic value…

Running-with-the-PackFollowing a rather inspiring evening with author and philosopher Mark Rowlands @ Edinburgh’s Run And Become store – the marketing worked and I bought the book! 😉
Here’s something that I came across, within Mark’s book, that I felt I needed to share…
“Running, I shall argue, is intrinsically valuable. And so when one runs, and does this for the right reason, one is in contact with intrinsic value in life.
This has a significance that is far broader than merely understanding the essence of running – what running really is. Living amidst the darkened of the world, our lives are marred by the inability to recognise intrinsic value when we encounter it. Our lives are lived doing one thing for the sake of something else. Three score years and ten, or twenty, of an endless for-the-sake-of-which: decades of chasing what is valuable but only rarely catching it. To be in contact with something that is important for its own sake of something else, would be to end this chase, at least for a while. For a time at least, one does not chase value, one is immersed in it.”

Mark Rowlands – Running with the Pack.



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