West Highland Way Inspiration Evening



Last night, along with my wife Eilidh and two buddies, Jimbo and Ross, I attended my second ‘West Highland Way Inspiration Evening’. My first year of attending was certainly an inspirational night but last night had a more sobering backdrop, with the fact that I am actually going to be taking part in this amazing, iconic and epic challenge! O_O The evening was hosted by Adrian Stott and his family, within the ‘Run and Become’ store – Adrian, has ran the West Highland Way 13 times!!!! The evening was extremely informative, as you’d expect, from the calibre of the team of organizers.
The evening program was:

Dr. Andrew Murray Sports and exercise medicine doctor – http://www.scotland2sahara.com/ – as well as experienced ultra distance competitor will offer race medical advisor Dr Chris Ellis’s wisdom at the Edinburgh event as well as drawing on experiences of his own ultra adventures.

Matt Holland Coach and personal trainer with a strong endurance background will give a short presentation loosely based on “There is more to running than running” and how background core work and strengthening can help all of us.

Ian Beattie 8-time West Highland Way finisher and race director.

Adrian Stott Run and Become’s own 13-time finisher of the West Highland Way, and current Scottish and GB ultra distance team manager, will co-ordinate, along with input from other runners, an evening theme of “How to focus on being your best, whatever your ability on a given day”.
The personal and professional insight given by the guys above was fully informative, with plenty of ‘interesting’ anecdotes to accompany some of the more serious past occurrences and at times accompanied by some rather sobering photos! O_O Plenty of light humor was also in the mix, as we do need to remember to enjoy ourselves out there! 🙂

Notes so far from the event:

Bad things:
Cardiac problems
Kidney failure
Death O_O

Good things:
Crystal Goblet! :o}

“What are we waiting for!?!” 😉


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