“Epic Trail Running” Short Film


Following a fantastic day out running with Donnie – I got to play with some of the video clips recorded on my GoPro2 *:o)

Having posted it online, I got a rather surprising and delightful email from Claire, the editor of Trail Running magazine, who loved the film and has decided to make a feature within their next issue, on how to go about making good ‘adventure running movies’. Claire said that she would pass my film on for the attention of the “ShAFF” (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival), where I would get some professional feedback from some of the best in the industry. This was to include man of the
moment, Rich Heap (he made the Dragon’s Back film that won 3 awards at ShAFF) to give constructive feedback on it, along with some other reader’s films!

– any chance you could click on the link to show ‘popularity’ 😉  as well as the possibility of a few comments? Thanks in advance! 🙂



3 responses to ““Epic Trail Running” Short Film

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