Childhood Trail Run

Just back from spending a fantastic weekend, visiting my mum and dad! From my current long training runs to and from work, as well as the ‘beasting’ I got the previous weekend, I thought I’d enjoy a jaunt down “memory lane”, and run some old familiar turf in and around my home town of Lauder. 🙂 The route I chose to take was around an area I always played in with my older brother, as well as it being the traditional annual route of the Lauder Common Riding – a route I have ridden on horseback since I was knee high! 🙂

The Common Riding dates back to the time of Border Reivers (late 13th – 17th century) – where it was the custom for the burgesses of the town, who were charged with maintaining the integrity of the boundaries, to make, with their supporters, an annual inspection of the various markers which delineated the ground belonging to the burgh. This annual check, fell into disuse once there was no immediate threat to the town itself, and a genuine confirmation of the bounds was no longer needed. – this was where my adventure tail run would take place!!!! 🙂 A simple 8 mile loop was logged into my Suunto Ambit, some allowances for a few hill reps, as well as the obligatory ‘odd’ photo here and there! 😉 This more relaxed and playful route allowed me to get to know a bit more about my Ambit and how great it can be for tracking, navigation and marking of waypoints – all the better for my next ‘whiteout!’ O_O As is traditionally said to all riders that take part in the annual ride out – “Safe oot, Safe in!” 🙂

Part of this route also brings in a little part f the Southern Upland Way – something I plan to explore in a bit more detail later on in my adventures.

The welcoming rolling hills and flat moorland of home, refreshed and revitalized the soul and was THE best way to begin a weekend back seeing my parents!

This route was also where I planned to test out, for the first time, my new Salomon S-LAB Sense running shoes and boy were they great!  They’re deceptively light, when looking at them, they actually come in lighter than my Inov8s, that I have been running in heavy trail to this point. They run well and light, with all the added features that they are known for – one in particular being how well drained they are, as I found out running over some wet boggy moorland! I haven’t written off my Inov8s, far from it. They will still be used for major, wet and muddy trails i.e. climbing the Ochil Hills and also consideration for Conic Hill, during my WHW run, later this year. But these Salomons come into their own for rough, hard, rocky terrain, offering you protection where you need it, in an extremely lightweight running shoe. I also own Vibram Five Finger Spyridons, which also offer protective sole and an aggressive grip BUT the Salomons have been designed by Kilian Journet, for one specific use – 100mile races. The reason I have these, is to help offer me protective lightweight footware, when my feet will be tested and bruised to the max during my 95mile WHW run.


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