‘Green’ Road Warrior!

As a little bit of ‘cross training’, I’ve been adding a commute to work by bike – this is sometimes done on my ‘day off/day of rest’ as it’s seen as a recovery exercise, keeping the muscles fluid but with low impact AND HIGH SPEEDS!!! 😉
Been playing a bit more with my Xmas gift, my GoPro2 as you can see from the pictures. I did notice drivers taking note of the ‘subtlety’ of the camera too! *;o) “Me!?! Intimidate other drivers? NEVER!” :o} I did also get to clock myself hitting 29mph at one point, I have been faster but can be tricky to take the eyes off the road at these speeds…
…AND what do you think of my ‘comedy horn!?!’ – it works a treat! Too many people are now plugged into their mp3 players and never hear my little bike bell, so I go this baby added and now there’s no excuse for not hearing me. As well as putting a smile on their face, I’ve also had people jumping out of their skin – and more importantly out of the way! 😉


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