Obviously an event like this wasn’t going to pass, without me doing my usual and coming up with a ‘few’ ideas on team logos and the mandatory t-shirts that follow –  anyone that’s seen my efforts for previous Charity runs, Rob Roy Challenges and the Clyde Stride Ultra, will know the ‘creative and excited’ approach I take to these events… 😉

…so I thought I’d post some ‘brain farts’ I’ve been having on a ‘Team’ logo for myself and support crew. I’m not sure on having a “Team Lawrie” logo/brand for the day, as I feel it’s an extremely testing and enduring event for all that are involved, within the team and not just ‘the runner’. So for the time being we’re going with the innovative name of…
…erm – “WHW 2013” 😉

The idea behind this current design, was to keep an iconic element of what’s recognized as the West Highland Way, along with the addition of something new. So, I went for the obvious WHW stamped logo, that we all come to love seeing as markers and companions on these long solo runs, along with a ‘brushed’ illustration of the elevation and route of this epic ‘way’. This red line is also supposed to signify your heart rate, as you hit each ascent and decent. With this I’ve added in the checkpoints – is is to allow my support team a ‘good’ chance of not getting lost as they search for me en-route! 😉

Let me know your thoughts…


T_Shirt_01  WHW_LOGO_PHOTO_01


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