Inov-8 Race Pro 4 Waist Pack – Test run…


Never been too sure about ‘fanny packs’ BUT testing a possible and more breathable way to commute to work… A dry back is my goal, when waiting in the elements for work to open.

All starts well, with me feeling open on back and chest and as if I’ve left the majority of my gear at home BUT it’s not long until the minor adjustments of ‘tightening’ come into play to stop the bounce. This is fine but now running with a real tightness around my abdomen :0/ not long into my run, I realize that I’m heating up and that the belt has shut / sealed me off from air from the waist up. I arrived at work wetter than ever before. Back, chest, armpits, abdomen even my arms. Now it might have been an unfair test as I was running in heavy snow drift, zipped up in my jacket but all chest and pit zips were open for breathing.
The Inov8 is known for enabling you to retain full upper-body mobility but it does construct your waist line and abdomen. Having this constraint reminded me of how much my Salomon opens your abdomen up and allowing me to breathe more than I was aware, really just highlighting what I had forgotten and taken for granted. The Salomon vest also goes unnoticeable mile after mile but the waist bag is constantly weighing you down by the waist. One positive of this, was that it reminded me of ‘pelvic posture’ that should be focused on when running natural barefoot.
The bag does offer a fantastic capacity but in my typical form, not enough for my breakfast, lunch and other race elements. I would also be reluctant to run blind with my jacket, solely relying on the elastic, having seen what happened to my buddy Ross (he lost his jacket, trail running), which can turn into a very expensive lesson to learn! So with the hydration bladder filled, breakfast, lunch and valuables packed, there was no space for a jacket… Thankfully, heavy snow and rain was forecasted, so I wore the jacket and made do, if I overheated. – which I did!

– so I guess I’m saying its back to my favourite running vest the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab.


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