Barefoot running opportunity for newbies…


Free gait re-training opportunity.
We are now recruiting subjects for a new study in the DCU School of Health and Human Performance. We are looking for two groups of runners, one of which will undergo a Vibram FiveFInger transition over 6 weeks, and one in which runners will receive gait re-training and exercises for injury prevention whilst continuing to train in regular shoes for 6 weeks.
Some benefits include:
• FREE gait re-training and expert advice
• FREE running economy and V02max testing
• FREE transitional programme and expert advice for minimalist running
This package is worth OVER 400 euro!
We are looking for moderate/well trained club level athletes running more than 35 km/week who are injury free and have had NO previous barefoot/minimalist experience. The tests will involve just three visits to the DCU Laboratories (Dublin 9), over a 7 week period.
There are only 15 places available in each group, so get yours before it’s too late!
Please email if interested.

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