6ft 4″ Tsunami hits small Scots town of Bo’ness!

6ft 4″ Tsunami hits small Scots town of Bo’ness AND sadly I’m only 6ft 3″!!! :o/
Having posted a rather entertaining picture of my salomon s-lab running bag’s latest feature – a Dennis The Menace Fan Club ‘Gnasher’ badge, for my “rather menacing morning commute ahead” I wasn’t aware of what was to come…


Following a rather wet season so far this year and now 7 miles into my daily 10 mile morning run to work, I happened to approach a rather looooooong puddle. I’d mentioned to Eilidh, my wife, about these rather big puddles on my morning commute and how they seem to manage a constant presence on this part of the route. With this, I decided to take a snap and show her how long they were and how I have to ‘time’ my run along/in them, between passing traffic to keep dry from the knee up! ;o)

So off I went – barefoot style and light on my feet, “Off like a gazelle!”, I whipped over the 30 meters, as a skimmed stone would when released from a child’s hand. Pleased with myself at how well I executed this light sprint, I noticed a smile was already on my face as I carried on my way round the corner :o} UNTIL I was hit with the surprise of a new LARGER puddle!!! O_O

This puddle bled from the embankment to my right, across my path and went as wide as the road itself. This was a MONSTER! Having found myself already committed to this one, with the current speed I was already running, I went for it…
..keeping an eye on my foot placement in this deeper puddle, I was too late to notice the oncoming vehicle, the worst kind ever! – A WHITE VAN MAN DRIVER!!!! :o!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It all came too soon, with my head lifted, all I saw was a wall of water, a dark wave as tall as the van coming my way. Things did seem to slow down for a split second as this dark grey wall approached. And then there was an instant chill all over, and I was soaked through. It had been a mild morning’s run, so I had unzipped my waterproof jacket to allow my chest to breathe. I had forgotten this until I hit ‘the other side’ and I soon realized that I was soaked to the bone and had ‘welcomed’ it all in!

“Refreshed”, I carried on my way with the release of a little giggle, that I could only think was a ‘tip of the cap’ to the driver – I had clearly made his day! 🙂 The positive from this was that the final two miles were a significant uphill section, that soon saw me warming up and surprisingly drying up – well, my jacket anyway!

This just left me with my arrival to work, soaked through, to my boss’s astonishment and straight to the ‘Mens’ to wash the grit from my hair, followed very quickly by some well deserved, warm porridge…

…on my way home I was prepared and ready for my extended 100 meter dash – and even managed to catch it on my Suunto!


This rather apt gift was also given to me, from one of the girls at work… 🙂



And this was my well deserved treat, for the rest of my trip home… 🙂

“Get out there enjoy and remember to SMILE!” 🙂


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