No more gels – Bring back my beloved peanut butter!

Don’t get me wrong here, I still love the ‘baby food’ approach but I do feel that variety and the introduction of ‘treats’ now and again is key to keeping your tastbuds entertained and spirits high…! 🙂
Having taken a vow of ‘cleaner eating’ I have to admit to missing out on my peanut butter sarnies – just a little! I would also have to admit here, that due to simple laziness, I made cheese and peanut butter sandwiches on a regular basis for my work lunch but have gotten myself into a healthier routine, that sees me bringing much more veg and protein into my lunch. But here we are with a cracking alternative and addition to our backpacks – variety, is key to entertaining a tired ultra runners mouth! 😉


Peanut Butter and Jam Wrap

Probably the number-one, no-frills endurance fuel for the trails. Because the innards tend to ooze from between two bread slices, you’ll find the roll-up method works better for mess prevention – perhaps a wrap.

For each rolled sandwich or wrap, use two generous tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter, about half a pouch of ‘Pocket Fuel’ / energy gels, and fruit preserves (jam). Stuff the wrap in clingfilm and take bites throughout your run.

Peanut butter offers satiating fat for long hours on your feet while jams offer quick energy.
For anyone still in search for a ‘healthier peanut butter, how about “Chia Peanut Butter”?

chiapbIf you’re interested here a link – the ‘Buffalo Dirt (Xpresso)’ flavour has me intrigued… 😉

Here’s a link to the ‘No more gels’ post from Trail Runner, for anyone interested in their ‘Pocket Fuel’…

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