The infamous ‘Percy Pigs!’ #NOM!


Ok, so it can take sometime for you to find out what exactly works for you, when you’re out there and needing that sugar boost ‘pick me up’. Having tried a few things myself and at times not having the interest in crunching or chewing most things, I was pointed in the direction of M&S’s Percy Pigs.
“Look no further!” :o) these are definitely worth trying for yourself…
Below are the ‘sensible’ details and yes, they aint that great ‘generally’ speaking and you shouldn’t be feeding them to your kids every night but when you’re in need – “you’re in need!” ;o)

Calories: 569
Sugar: 125g Highest sugar content
Serving: per bag
Diet rating: 2/10

They’re one of the nation’s favourites but also one of the most unhealthy. For every Percy Pig you eat, you get 25 calories – eat 10 and you’ve had over half your recommended sugar intake for the whole day.


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