Movie Premier of ‘Barefoot Running’ by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

Footworksshopfrontnight500RunBare_Barefoot Running_DVD_new front cover_0An evening hosted by Colin @ Footworks Edinburgh, introducing a very inspirational movie:
After a near-death accident left him with a titanium femur and hip along with 10 knee operations, no ACL, and an inch leg-length discrepancy, former professional athlete and Olympic hopeful Michael Sandler was told he could never run again. It was only by going barefoot and feeling the ground, he began to heal as he learned how to run light and free. He now runs pain free 10-20 miles a day and in all conditions. His step-by-step method helps runners overcome injuries, find their natural form and rediscover the pure joy of running, no matter their age, history, or fitness level.

This highly informative movie is part documentary and part teaching. Run time 74 mins. Michael and Jessica are the authors of the best seller book “Running Barefoot”. Filmed on Maui with breathtaking views and inspirational music you will be stripping off and playing barefoot like a kid again once you have watched this.  A great movie that was fantastic at reiterating and refreshing yourself about the fundamentals of barefoot running.
– Proper running form
– Stretching and Recovery
– Road and trail running
– Getting grounded
– Foot strengthening
– Minimalist footwear
– Core and balance drills

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