Vibram Five Fingers


As you’ll have guessed I LOVE THESE babies! :o}
They don’t come any better for experiences and emulating barefoot running than this brand and ‘movement’. I have had been running in these for a few years now and can say that they have been pivotal in my transition from a charity 10k runner into a seasoned ultra trail runner!
These shoes can come in various grades of sole and grip, depending on the activity and terrain that you aim to be in. KSOs can see you enjoying smoother ground or taking on a yoga class. Bikilas and Komodos can see you running on tarmac and the Trek Sport and Spyridons can have you better protected and equipped for trail running!

Any other questions or temptations – get in touch with
“the man in the know” – Colin @ Footworks

Back CameraBack CameraSpyridons

Here’s what the ‘pros’ say… ;o)

Experience it barefoot, the way it’s meant to be, the Vibram Fivefinger way!

The style…

Vibram Fivefingers: Feel the world beneath you. Set yourself away from the crowd with the cutting edge in design, style and pure magnificence, the Vibram Fivefingers. Fivefingers offer all the protection of a shoe with the feel of walking barefoot through the dynamic lifestyles of today.

The Performance…

Whether bouldering or surfing, kayaking or running, Vibram Five Fingers give you the feel of going barefoot, yet give that little protection you’ve always needed, without losing your fundamental touch.

The Pleasure…

Away from the adventure and back to the city, your Vibram Fivefingers still lead your path with their extravagant eye-catching style and look, for all to see and admire.

Your Vibrams are with you always. Whether fashion or fun, performance or pleasure , let yourself experience it barefoot, the way it was meant to be. The Vibram Fivefinger Way.


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