Inov-8 X Talon 190

I obviously own these, in fact I now own two pairs, as they can wear through after they have been put through their paces and mileage! ;o)
I feel that tey’re well worth their price tag – see Colin @ ‘Footworks’
2nd to none for his ‘barefoot’ knowledge and will happily examine your style, then advise you and NOT push you to a decision.
The grip that you get from the ‘tacky’ rubber compound sole is excellent on slippery rocks and with an added bite from the slightly more aggressive tread of the F-lite 195s.



Here’s what the “pros” / “advertisers” have to say…

Top Features of the Inov-8 X Talon 190 Shoes

The worlds lightest XC and mountain racer

  • 190g / 6.7oz (UK8)
  • Male
  • Female

Don’t be fooled… The x-talon™ 190 is a radically different shoe to its first-born sibling the 212. This shoe is redefining the expectations of elite runners looking for the highest levels of proprioception and the most natural foot position. Featuring a 3mm differential between the forefoot and heel and a 3mm footbed, the x-talon™ 190 ensures that your foot remains closer to the ground, in a position that is stable, natural and optimised for the fastest off road running.

Something to note – with the focus of these shoes being ‘featherweight / lightweight’, you do need to compromise on the durability of these. I’ve managed to run over 500 miles or so in mine and depending on how ‘hardcore’ you are, they’ll last around 6 months or so…



2 responses to “Inov-8 X Talon 190

  1. I run in New Balance, Brooks and Nike Free (as of current). I may have to try these! After running in minimalist shoes, I never want to go back. I am not sure I am ready for the barefoot adventure just yet, but am still very interested in trying out various shoes.

  2. If you’re keen on giving these particular shoes a go but are going to see yourself more on road/track, rather than muddy trails, then the inov8 f-lite 195s are great ones to consider… 🙂

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