One of my proudest moments…

…will be getting to stand ‘toe to toe’, at the start line, alongside some of the best ultra athletes this country has to offer!

With each of us having placed our application in by the end of November, all that was left was for us to ‘patiently’ await the results…

… 7th Dec 2012 – 22:38

“We have now reviewed all the entries for the 2013 race. There were 279 entries in total. 3 of those withdrew before the closing date, and 11 were considered to have insufficient experience at this stage. That left 265 ‘qualified’ entrants, and we have had to have a ballot to reduce this to 250. Sorry if you were one of the unlucky 15, but the race will be here for quite a few years yet so there will be plenty more chances to take part. Everyone will be notified of their own position over the weekend. – Ian Beattie”

ONE HOUR & ONE frantic minute later…!

WHW_Race Central


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