Ella’s Kitchen


Yes you are reading this right!!!! O_O
I am about to tell you about my current fueling sensation…! ;o)
…whist taking part recently on a social run with some like minded ultra runners, I noticed one of them sucking away at a sealed sandwich bag of what seemed like soft paste. As I was still trying to find something to replace my usual dry ‘cheese and peanut butter sandwich’ filler, I asked what it was he was eating. “Baby food”, he says! O_O “Baby food!?!”, “Yup, baby food.”


And sure enough, once you think about all the natural ‘goodness’, nutrition that is required to be in a food substance like this, why would it not be a fantastic addition to an ultra runner’s lunchbox! :o}

I’ve always struggled to find something that was great to taste, along with the required calorie intake, nutrition as well as something that seems to fill the stomach. And this so far, ticks the box! It handles very much like an energy gel sachet, simply tear/twist open and squeeze the lot down. FANTASTIC!
This can also save you a lot of time when you’re racing against the clock, with frozen fingers trying to play with cling-film wrapped sandwiches, in torrential weather! Simply put – It’s a fantastic and simple way to fuel the body!
– I have tried this out numerous times, one such time being on a 42mile mountain run.


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