High5 Energy Gel Plus Sachets


I went through testing a few different brands, as well as brand specific flavours + the caffeine boost AND this is currently the one for me. I find that if I take one of these at the start of an early 5:30am morning commute to work, these see me through the distance, leaving me feeling fresh and ready for the 10 miles ahead. This mixed with plenty mouthfuls of water – just water, does me fine for the journey.
On longer runs, I’ll look at taking one every 6 miles or so. Manufacturers recommend taking one every 30 minutes but I feel that every 6 miles or so is good enough for me. I’ve covered up to 45miles in one run and I haven’t sickened myself of them yet – which is an important thing to consider, if you’re looking at ultra distances. There’s nothing worse than taking something that tastes a ‘little’ off but will do the job, ’cause 35 miles in you’re not wanting to put yourself through any more unpleasantness, than you’re already doing… ;o)

Top Features of the High5 Box Of 20 38g Energy Gel Plus Sachets

A concentrated sports fuel for instant energy with a caffeine kick for increased focus on your most challenging events and training drills.

  • Pure carbohydrate for instant energy
  • Performance proven in the World’s toughest races
  • Real fruit flavour for a natural refreshing taste
  • Gentle on the stomach and easily metabolised, even when you’re racing hard
  • Highly concentrated carbohydrate, light to carry
  • 38g size for controlled carbohydrate intake
  • Contains electrolytes for maximum water and carbohydrate absorption
  • Light taste and easily swallowed
  • Not thick, so that even when cold and it won’t stick to your mouth
  • Easy twist neck with a controlled flow opening
  • Natural source of carbohydrate suitable for vegetarians and GMO free
  • Food Type: Energy
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Over 85% of all studies on the use of caffeine among athletes demonstrate that caffeine offers a significant increase in endurance. Caffeine acts to decrease the perception of fatigue and the effort required to maintain a hard pace.

Caffeine also increases the speed that carbohydrate can be absorbed into the body by approximately 25% and as a result also increases fluid uptake by up to 40%. Caffeine is not a diuretic, it does not cause dehydration at low to moderate levels.



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